What is a bullet journal?

A bullet journal is an organizational tool. You use a dot paper notebook to create your own personal organizer. It can include calendars, meal plans, a diary, health tracker, spending trackers - really any and everything you can imagine. You can go to www.bulletjournal.com for info from the creator, and also to buy products. (I get mine from amazon. I like the kids that come with washi tape and stuff!)

Important things to include in your bullet journal are:

The Index - Here you will put the page number and title of your pages to easily find what you're looking for. (Pretty self explanatory.)

Key - Here you will list the symbols you use and their meaning. 

Future Log - This will be a calendar for the entire year, with important dates, like birthdays

Monthly Logs

Weekly Logs - You will use the key from above to make notes of appointments, etc. in your monthly & weekly logs. 

You can also do a daily log, although I find that the weekly log is plenty enough for me. 

After that, you get creative and add whatever kinds of pages you want. You can track your spending, your savings, your health, your weight, log your passwords, set goals and track them and really anything you can imagine!! Just have fun with it!

For some fun bullet journal ideas that go beyond these, click here.


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