Bible Journaling Tips

Bible Journaling Tips

        Hello! Today, I'm going to share with you how I bible journal. Bible Journaling is absolutely my favorite way to study the word, and also a beloved creative outlet. 
        First of all, the bible. You can use any bible that you have, however, I highly recommend a journaling/notetaking bible. These have wide margins in the sides for notes. You can get lined or unlined. You can even get bible journals that already have notes and drawings in them. (But, what fun is that?). The journal that I use is this: 

It is leather bound, has wide lined margins, and is beautiful. I love it and highly recommend it. 
       Next, your medium. For highlighting, I use these: 
They are smooth and do not bleed through the pages. You can also just use colored pencils! 
For drawing, I use these pens:
I also use all kinds of other stuff. Painting, scrapbooking, pencils, pens, markers, and I LOVE washi tape!! You can really use whatever you want!! 
      Next, the method. When I am bible journaling, the first thing that I do is pick a book. I add a tab to that book for quick reference. I then look up information about that book like the author, the meaning, when and where it was written. In my bible, you can look up this information in the back!! I usually add that to the top. Then, I will add a date next to the chapter so I know when I read it. Ideally, I like to read the entire bible in a year, but that has yet to happen for me, because life happens. Then, I read a chapter at a time, highlighting as I go.
For highlighting, I use this bible coloring chart adapted from

I then go back and underline/outline my favorite verses, and do some drawing, etc. on the edges. Here is an example:

Check out my blog for ideas, my personal bible journaling pages and more!! Happy journaling!


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