Fun things to do with refrigerator biscuits...

Dad is at work, so I just had the boys and myself to feed. My mother-in-law was cleaning out the fridge and gave us a bunch of stuff (I know, right?) Including a can of buscuits. Since I make my buscuits from scratch I wasn't sure what to do with this gem, but waste not want not right? So I came up with a few random things to do with my can of buscuits... and guess what? Yum!
First, I made a couple of pigs in a blanket for the boys. Then I sprayed a muffin pan with cooking spray and pushed the buscuits into the cups. I filled half of them with ham and cheese and closed them up. I sprinkled some salt, pepper and a little more cheese on top. The other half I seasoned with garlic salt and oregano, added a little bit of tomato sauce, some pepperoni and cheese and made little pizzas. I cooked them however long the package said and they were all so good!
If i hadnt just made chocolate cake i was considering making little apple pies with apple, butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. Maybe next time... Ill let you know how that goes. ;)


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