*It's my birthday!*

I'm 23! (Unless you ask my little brother, he says I'm five. :)) I have had a great day! My mom even remembered my birthday! Grandma Twila came over this morning and brought me a cute blue sweater and a cute shirt. Then, Drew took me out to lunch in Kansas and we did some Christmas shopping. He got me the movie "The Hangover". Then, we picked Kemper up from Grandma's house, and we watched Rudolf and Frosty the Snowman. Drew and Kemper made me a steak dinner. Yummy!

Kemper and Drew making my birthday cake with my new mixer! (That was a another early birthday present from Drew's mom.)

Yummy! Devil's food cake with chocolate frosting! Kemper was so excited all day about getting to make a cake.

My present! A cupboard for all my coffee and stuff that matches the wall hangings in my kitchen!

Kemper was singing me his own rendition of the happy birthday song.

Chocolate face! ;)

Drew and Duke couldn't take all the excitement... asleep at 7:30. :)


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