*IM GETTING MARRIED! Our Anniversary and Snow Fun*

Last night, Drew took me out for our anniversary. We went and saw the movie 'Brothers' in St. Joseph, Missouri, and went out to eat. (Yay for Strawberry Mango Margaritas!) When we got home, Drew went and picked Kemper up from Grandma Twila's while I hid some Christmas presents. When Drew walked in the door, he said, "Well, we had a talk on the way over here." And I asked, "Why, was he being naughty?" Drew said, "No, I had to ask him something, and now I have something to ask you... *dropped to one knee* Will you marry me?" (Isn't that cute that he asked Kemper for permission first?) Then Kemper looked at me and asked me if me if I was happy, (because I was balling) and I of course said yes. Yay!!!

It's heart shaped, isn't that romantic?

We have had lots of fun playing in all of this snow. Although, I was really upset that the snow was way too powdery to make a snow man. :( Kemper and Duke had lots of fun, though.

Trying to stay warm.

Duke loves the snow!


Tunneling through the snow.

King of snow mountain.


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